goodrich-loomis Conservation area

  • Trail Type: Doubletrack

  • Trail Length: See Map

  • Trail Maintenance: Some

  • Trail Signs/Map: No Signs/Minimal Signs

  • Trail Description: Conservation area with doubletrack trails.

Vanderwater Conservation area

  • Trail Type: Double & Singletrack

  • Trail Length: Approximately 8.5km +

  • Trail Maintenance: None

  • Trail Signs/Map: Paint on trees for doubletrack only, Basic Map (no singletrack) Link

  • Trail Description:  Trails are mostly doubletrack, rooty, rocky and rough. There are a few singletrack sections that are mostly stumbled upon by chance, however they are fairly smooth with some technical spots. 

macauley mountain Conservation area

  • Trail Type:  SingletrackTrail

  • Length: 15-20km approximately

  • Trail Maintenance: On-going courtesy of Bloomfield Cycling Club

  • Trail Signs/Map: Minimal signage, Map available for $2 at 

  • Trail Description: . Conservation area that has been fully developed by local cycling club through an agreement with the conservation authority. 

harold town conservation area

  • Trail Type: Singletrack

  • Trail Length: Approximately 15km

  • Trail Maintenance: Yes

  • Trail Signs/Map: Available at Trail Head

  • Trail Description: Rooty, rocky and tight singletrack. Some structures to play on and a fair bit of climbing. Trails are superbly maintained and well thought out by real mountain bikers. This is a great place to ride within about an hour's drive from the Quinte area. for more information found on the forums.

Quinte area trails

QuinteMTB builds and maintains 2 private trail systems. One in the Thomasburg area and one to the west adjoining the property at Goodrich-Loomis Conservation Area. Only QuinteMTB members are allowed access to these trails. There is currently about 9km of singletrack and a number of scattered double track roads on the property in Thomasburg known as "The Farm". The trails are quite technical, with loads of roots and rocks scattered throughout the property. The second property near Goodrich contains almost 18km of singletrack with a number of doubletrack trails as well. These trails are better suited to riders that prefer fast and flowy, less technical trails. However, there is a lot of climbing!

batawa ski hill trails

  • Trail Type: Double & Singletrack

  • Trail Length: Approximately 15km

  • Trail Maintenance: Minimal

  • Trail Signs/Map: None

  • Trail Description: Rough, rooty, rocky single track with some doubletrack sections. Great place to ride especially for challenging climbs and fun descents. Great views from top of the ski hill.

Quinte area public trails

QuinteMTB Private trails

Northumberland forest

  • Trail Type: Double & Singletrack

  • Trail Length: Approximately 20km

  • Trail Maintenance: 

  • Trail Signs/Maps:

  • Trail Description: Fantastic trails that are well used, therefore they are typically not overgrown. Some very flawy sections as well as some challenging climbs. New loop across the road is great as well